Last week when Kathryn came over we decided to make Valentine's cards and notebooks. Since Valentine's Day is a little different for those of us that are still young ladies waiting for God's best, we decided to make a card each for my Aunt. My Aunt has never been married and so we decided to be her special Valentine and give her something to smile about. :-)

Here are the notebooks that Elizabeth and Kathryn made. I bought pink notebooks, fun sticky jewels and stickers for this fun project!

I decided to make a rose petal, flower card. It folds up into a neat little square believe it or not! :-) I wrote a bunch of verses around the edges to encourage my Aunt.

Elizabeth put a lot of effort into her beautiful card. Those are little heart flowers that pop out when you open the card up.
Blessings, Kelly
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Eyes on the Light said...

Kelly, this is such a lovely idea! You are so sweet. :) Hope you had a nice Valentines Day! I love you!

Your sister in Christ, Grace P.


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