Must have the hat!

Well, I didn't realize Kelly had more pictures on here. Looks like we get a few more shots!
Several of you have asked where we are. Well, let's just say I (Tara) am trying to get somewhere that I would really like to be! The airport I am trying to land at has been shut down due to heavy blizzards, so I am spending the entire day sitting somewhere else! Kelly and Elizabeth did arrive at their destination and are enjoying the snow there. This is really going to be great fun for us Texas girls.
Let's hope Kelly will post some pictures soon! The reason I suggested that you ask your moms if they need any help is because that's exactly what we did. We didn't want to leave our mom in a big mess :), so we worked extra hard the last couple of days. She says it was a great plan! Talk to you soon. We're praying for all of you.
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Eyes on the Light said...

Elizabeth is such a cutie. :) I hope you get to where you want to go soon, Tara! Snow? What's that? :) :) :)

Your sister in Christ, Grace P.

Haley said...

Those are really good pictures. Such a pretty dress! I am really curious about where ya'll are! :)

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is just such a beautiful young maiden! Hope she had fun at her tea party.
Didn't know any of you were traveling...we will be in prayer for all 3 of you!

Evann said...

Oh, Elizabeth looks darling!!

Anonymous said...

all you girls are so photogenic...makes me jealous :P Elizabeth is so pretty! I especially love that first black and white one.
~Hannah D.


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