Art Lesson and Fun with my Nieces

Last year when I came to visit, Kristen set up for me to take an art class taught by a very talented woman that attends her church. I really enjoyed it immensely! I saw her once again when I attended Trinity last Sunday and we started talking. Before too long she invited me to come as a guest to the art class she teaches. She got me started on pastels this time. Kristen and I both enjoy doing art together and the Lord is so good to keep bringing these great opportunities along to continue to add to my art education.

All that Esther has been talking about is how "we can play chalk together!"
Today was sunny and very cool outside, so I told Esther that this was the day that she had been waiting for!!! :-) Now I had the chance to practice my pastels!

Kristen had a full day of teaching music lessons, so I took the girls outside for a beautiful, refreshing, enjoyable time!

Esther is such a sweety!
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