Baking with Kristen!

I love to visit my precious sister Kristen. She married rather young and moved far, far away five years ago. We talk a lot on the phone but it is so much nicer to spend time together in person. Kristen is a real doer so we always wind up doing fun projects together. We both share the same gluten intolerance, so we like to share ideas and recipes. Everything she cooks is delicious even if it is all gluten-free! Kristen had just been telling me all about a new bread recipe she tried. She said it was fabulous and Reuben even liked it better than regular "normal" bread. So we decided to make some " terrific, spectacular" gluten-free bread together!
It was a pretty funny story that played out that day. :-) Read on and you will see why! Time spent with my sisters is NEVER dull!

We started out really well...or so we thought! First we put all of our little helpers down for naps so that we could have a nice peaceful afternoon of baking together. We located our recipe. We decided it would be a really great idea to quadruple (that's four times!) the recipe so that we could bake some and freeze the rest for some great bread later.

We followed the recipe, which was rather complicated, really closely until...

We suddenly realized that we had the wrong recipe and we were actually making pancakes!!! Not gluten-free bread! Whoops!!! Kristen said to just go ahead and finish, and then we would make the bread! It made for a lot of measuring!!! At least we had a whole bunch of gluten-free pancakes ready to go!!! And, at least our bread didn't come out of the oven as flat as a pancake and we were left wondering why?:)
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Anonymous said...

That's HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Kelly.

Haley said...

That is really funny. :) It sounds like something I would do! :)

Jacqueline said...

Oh Dear!
That is too funny!
Almost as good as the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe! :)

Annabelle said...

Sounds like you pulled an Annabelle mistake!! I can't tell you how many times I've done stuff like that!


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