More Pics from Tara's Trip...

Here I am with (M) one of the precious children that I worked with in the inner city! M asked if I could sit next to her in Sunday school and I gladly accepted the offer. About 5 min. into the class, she whispered the following into my ear: "I just met you and I already like you!" :-)
That put a smile on my face for the rest of the day! These darling children just need to be loved with the everlasting love of Jesus!
As we were talking on the bus, M inquired if we could be cousins? I agreed and would like to make a formal announcement: As of March 1st, I (Tara Riddell) officially have a new cousin!!!!!!! :-)


Meggie4u said...

Thats really nice! Love your new cousin!

Haley said...

She is really cute and sounds so sweet!

Anonymous said...

She is jus precious!!! Does she want more cousins????!!!! :)

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