We went to a friend's house in Washington who had many cute little animals. This is the cutest and sweetest little bunny.

It was actually snowing wildly outside, but you would never know it with these spring photos!

The girls really enjoyed all of the little fluffy chicks.

These chicks were so light that we barely felt like we were holding them! It was almost like holding air!
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Abbie said...

Just curious...do all three of you sisters (Tara, Kelly, & Elizabeth) have natural curly hair?

If so, would you mind sharing a few hair tips for the rest of us 'curly girls' out here? :)


Karen said...

How cute!!!!!!!!! I love the little dog that is with Elizabeth! Thanks for the pictures

Kelly R. said...

Hi Abbie!
Yes, Tara, Elizabeth and I all have naturally curly hair! I was actually born with very, very straight hair.
It was straight until I was about 13-14 years old.:-) Isn't that strange? Then it started going curly, and I did not know what was going on! At first, I didn't know the first thing on how to care for curly hair, because it was all new to me. My older sister Kristen, bought me a book, called The Curly Girl. A book that has some good tips but need's some editing. Ask your parents to look it over first if you are interested in reading it. My cousin who is ten years older then me, also came for a visit when I was younger and showed me how to care for my curls.
I was introduced to mousse and how to use a diffuser. It was life changing for me, because before that I always used to fight my curls, and try to straighten them out with a straightening iron, which was very damaging to my hair. I have had a lot of girls ask me what I use on my hair, how I take care of it and what tips I have for other curly girls. So I have come up with an idea...I was thinking about posting on our blog, styling tips, ideas, and a step by step routine for maintaining healthy curly hair. I would include pictures about what we do to our hair. Let me know what you think!
But just so you aren't left hanging, I use Suave mousse. It comes in a turquoise bottle. I work small amounts through my hair, then scrunch my hair. I then take a diffuser and dry it slowly.
You can spray your curls once they are dry to keep the humidity from making it frizz if you are from Houston! :-) But whatever you do! If you are a curly girl, quit fighting your curls!!! Except what God gave you and you will experience so much freedom and fewer bad hair days! :-) Lol!
Hope this helps!
God bless your day!
Many blessings,
Kelly Riddell

Abbie said...

Thanks Kelly! I appreciate your tips.
I was also born with straight hair, and it didn't start turning curly till I was 12! Thankfully I have a friend who gave me tips on how to fix it...I am so glad for diffusers, gel, and mousse!!! :D
I think hair tips on your blog would be GREAT!! I love the idea!
I enjoy ya'lls blog. God bless you!

You have a lovely blog--keep up the good work of encouraging:)
Rhonda Devine


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