Behold the Risen Savior! It's Resurrection Day!

Today was such a wonderfully busy day at our house! We were all working together happily to make sure that tomorrow we can all be peaceful and relaxed, enjoying the day of reflecting on our risen Lord. We accomplished lots of cooking and baking, sewing, ironing, laundry, vacuuming and practicing music.

Mama worked on a fresh pineapple glaze courtesy of Martha Stewart! You remember we like to do things the hard way? This mixture boiled for an hour and a half, but at least she didn't have to stir it the whole time. Meanwhile, she made up the bacon cream sauce for the creamed spinach which is Dad's absolute favorite. It is really rich and not too healthy I'm sure, but we like to spoil him at least twice a year.

Kelly and Tara worked together to make some gluten free bread. It looks like we left out one little ingredient but I don't think it affected the outcome too badly. :) Someday we'll get it right! Kelly is quoted as saying "At least it didn't turn out to be pancakes this time!" Tara is whipping up some corn bread muffins just in case that little bitty ingredient really did make a difference.

Tara ironed up our yellow tablecloth and her dress and Kelly mended a dress she made a couple of years ago to make it new again! Mom put the final touches on Elizabeth's new pink dress and then we all decided it needed a button right on the center front, so we looked through the button jar and found the perfect button! All this time, Elizabeth was busily sewing up a new dress for her favorite doll. The other favorite doll has to wear an older dress with a new ribbon sash, but she is content.

A few days ago we cleaned and then hid Dad's robins egg blue shirt so it would be all ready for Sunday. He has been teasing us ever since that he is going to find that shirt and wear it early! :) Have you ever stopped to realize how much joy you can find in the everyday things of life?

In the morning we will be singing a very special song. The message is about the women coming to the tomb, finding the stone rolled away, with only the grave clothes remaining. Then the two men appeared in dazzling white and said "Why do you seek the living One among the dead?" At this point the music has gotten louder and louder!

He isn't here. He is risen! Behold the risen Savior! Behold the risen King! It's resurrection day!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is risen indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are going to read the resurrection chapter and then it's off to bed early. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow but I assure you it won't dampen our spirits one little bit! Happy Resurrection Day!!

Tara and Kelly


Best Life said...

This post reminds me of those old Eloise Wilkins books. The pictures were so sweet. Mother was always baking a pie, sister was making a dolll dress and father in a robin's egg blue shirt. Charming! Lisa~


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