Yes, the cows did appear to be eating the bluebonnets but I guess there's plenty for all. Next we'll hear that they give blue milk.
This one appeared to enjoy watching us as much as we enjoyed watching her.
There's nothing quite like the bluebonnets of Texas. Now you know why they're in every painting of Texas! As most of you know we are still computer illiterate and are still posting backwards, so if you scroll down and read backwards, this blog will make a lot more sense! If not, you'll put it all together somehow until someone teaches us the proper techniques. Remember the plastic chocolate rabbit we bought my mom? Here it is! (The one on the left) We set it on our mantle at home and last night Mrs. Wh (shortened name to protect the guilty) came by and was worried about the chocolate getting dusty. At this point we picked it up to show her it wasn't chocolate and dad said "Don't hold it like that. It will melt all over your hands!" :) Then, if I'm not mistaken, I do believe Mr. Wh tried to bite off its ear! This poor bunny :( .
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Best Life said...

I have that same chocolate bunny. It's the only chocolate I've ever dusted. And if you want the whole truth, I do think about tasting it every once in a while. LOL! Mrs. P~

Tara said...

How many of you other moms will confess to having that same chocolate bunny? We want to the truth so fess up!


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