Dear Daughters of Vision,

How are each of you on this beautiful day? A cold front blew in last night and today the air is cool and crisp so after teaching a voice lesson this morning, I headed out for a brisk 30 min. walk around our neighborhood and must say I almost got blown over a few times by the blustery wind!

It feels so good to get fresh air and exercise, doesn't it? This habit is a very important one in the life of a maiden because remember: The Lord says that our bodies are His living temple!!!!! How are you keeping your temple? Does Jesus have an honorable place to abide? What about our witness to the ever watching world? Jesus has given us the important role being His ambassadors! When we keep ourselves strong and healthy, we are communicating a message that says, "I am a child of the King and I take my Lord's words very seriously! He says I am His temple and I daily summit to His Lordship and honor Him as I keep up with the maintenance of His temple every day!"

I hope this encourages you today! Go and take a walk and praise the Lord that because of Jesus, we have the privilege of being His temple!

God bless each of you today!

Rejoicing in Him,


quinn emery said...

hi tara!
i have started up my walking routine again, now that winbter is over, and hope to start running soon, but wanted to say that i have a prayer list of about 7-9 people, and while i walk, i pray for them! i will pray for about 2min. per person, and by the time i have finished, i have walked quite a way! just an idea for girls to while they walk.
love you, and great post!


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