Faithful Friendships!

This past Saturday I had the wonderful joy of seeing my friend Katrina again at a friend's wedding! It is such a blessing to have a godly friend who loves the Lord and who is seeking Him with her whole heart! Friendships that are built on the Lord Jesus Christ are priceless.
We had such a blessed time visiting and sharing what God has been doing in our lives and before we left, we found a private room where we spent some time together in prayer!

Thank you Katrina for your faithful friendship!

Rejoicing in Him,


Anonymous said...

Hi! sorry I have not posted much. ;)
The computer was not working.
I could not see what you had put on the site until now.
Where were you in this picture?
Love and blessings,
Hannah Hollifield

Courtney said...

Hello Tara!
I just found your blog today and really enjoyed looking through it! I enjoyed seeing what another young lady is doing with her years after high school. I look forward to reading it in the future. Keep up the good work; ministry to younger girls is so important!

~Courtney K.

Fun, Tara! :) Seeing the two of y'all together reminds me of the wonderful Maiden's Quest retreat!! Such good memories!
Love to all!


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