How can we help our FATHERS? Any Day!

Hello Daughters of Vision,

Since it is Fathers day I thought that this was a good topic to talk about!

Do you think we can help our Fathers for not only Fathers day but on every day we can?

Absolutely, I can think of many ways, can't you?

Here are some ideas!

1. When your dad is reading an interesting book or a newspaper and he asks you to go get his glasses, instead of saying " Yes, sir"and bounding upstairs but instead of getting the glasses right away you mess around hoping your dad will forget, instead you can bound upstairs and get the glasses quickly and then bound back and give them to your dad and bound back and THEN go and mess around.

2.Massage his feet! With working all day long for you he.........does deserve it! .

3.When he comes home greet him with a KISS........and a..................... HUGE HUG. He is the king of his castle.

4.Help your mom prepare dinner for the............................king.

5.Your dad is the king . Now that does not mean that he sits on his red throne but it means that he serves you and you serve him too.

6.Respect him.When a dad gets respect, that is helping him in so many ways.

7.Share with him. Your dad has a good listening ear (at least sometimes!), and has great advice. Sit at your fathers feet, because the words he is saying are priceless words.

8.When your mom is begging your dad to rake the leaves or trim a bush or fix something, go help him. If he was raking the leaves or cutting the bushes go pick up the leaves and put them into the trash can or in a bag . All of these things are things I do. YOU CAN TOO! I am just 9, but 0 to 100 can do all of these things!

Christ alone,



Juliana said...

Dear Elizabeth,
you are such a sweet young lady. I am sure you are a wonderful blessing to your father. Thank you so much for your encouragement! God bless you,

Best Life said...

Very good ideas! I can't wait to see you and give you a BIG HUG! Mrs. P~

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!! I never thought of that and I'm 11! The funny thing is my daddy asks me to massage his feet all the time! But I never do!!!! I'll work harder now!!!

Love and blessings,
Hannah B.H.

Hello Elizabeth!
Thank you for your wonderful encouragement! Christa and I were just talking the other day about ways that we could make our home more joyful and special for our dad, so these are wonderful ideas! I especially liked what you said about sitting at our dad's feet and really valuing his words to us!
Love and hugs,


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