I'm Back! :-)

Dear Daughters of Vision,

How are you all doing? March was a very fruitful and full month for me, and I must say, I'm so glad to be back blogging! Welcome to our many new readers! I am thrilled that you have joined us on this journey and you are greatly encouraging us even as you are receiving encouragement. That is the very reason we even have our blog! We desire to create a place where girls can come, read, learn and be uplifted in the ways of the Lord and the vision that He has for our lives!

The Lord is teaching me right now that instead of fretting over anything in my life, He asks me to simply trust Him and do the next thing! That's right...Do the next load of dishes and rejoice, spend the next minutes with Him in His Word and rejoice, work on your next project and rejoice, etc...! This has been so freeing for me as I have learned that the Lord wants me to have a plan and know my purpose, but He wants me to find that sweet contentment in Him, by simply doing the next thing that He, as my King requests!

Girls, in whatever you are facing today, simply trust Him, do the next thing and you will know God's peace and He will be glorified!

Rejoicing in Him,



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