Many of you have been asking about the pattern that we used for the skirts. We found the pattern advertised on Biblical Womanhood but when I looked it up, I didn't see it there today. You can just go directly to Marie-madeline Studio. The pattern is called the Gracie Ruffle Skirt.

Thought you might like a few tips! The skirt is made from pieces that are all shaped like rectangles. The pattern comes in sizes 2/3 to 14/16. This is absolutely terrific if you have lots of younger sisters! Therefore, we didn't even cut out the pattern pieces but just measured the pieces we needed. This was great because we could tailor it very easily to what we wanted. We made Elizabeth the 7/8 width with the 9/10 length . We made Hannah the 9/10 width with the 12/14 length. Once we jotted down the size pieces we needed we sliced the whole thing out with an Olfa Cutter (looks like you're cutting pizza) It was quick and easy! The little girls loved them and they are just the thing as the weather gets hotter, and hotter and hotter! Those of you up north may not quite understand. :) They also have a new pattern out called Tessa Bloomers which is like culottes. If anyone makes these, please let us know what you think.

We have already bought the pleated cottage apron pattern and our fabric, so they are just waiting for some free time.:) We plan to help Elizabeth make one too.

Several of you asked about the lone cow! She was originally part of our spring flowers post but through the mysteries of computers she was there for a day and then she was mysteriously gone!! She was our favorite cow so we decided to put her back! But will she still be there tomorrow? Who knows! So you'd better take a quick look at her now! The wildflowers of Texas are absolutely amazing and they seem to be lasting extra-long this year. This field was on Hwy 105.



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