A New Skirt and Decisions!

Our sweet friend liked Elizabeth's skirt so well we just had to make her one. She was very surprised.

Little girls love to match! Well, almost!

These precious girls have a lot of energy. Their goal is to have a meek and quiet spirit which is in the sight of God of great price.

We have adopted the girl in the middle as co-owners. Don't miss Tara's thoughts below. God bless.
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Anonymous said...

*make me one too!!* :) lol jk. They are so pretty!!! You have such a gift!! ~Hannah D.

What a beautiful skirt!

Hello Tara Kelly and Elizabeth, The Sadler sisters would love to know the pattern name and number of that precious skirt , IT is so pretty with the layers.We are also loving your listing of decision making guide lines, Can you share the book where you got them ? God Bless you all, We love reading your blog , it is so encouraging ! Love Mrs Sadler and girls

Anonymous said...

I just love that skirt! we...well I would love to get the pattern!

Love and blessings,
Hannah B.H.

Pamela said...

Both girls are looking wonderful in those dresses!! Their colorful skirts are pretty good...


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