Resurrection Day!

Kelly and I sang a song about the resurrection for Sunday morning! We were the women who brought the spices to Jesus grave at the beginning of the song, so we decided the head wraps would be a good idea!

Also, during the powerful sermon, a Texas thunderstorm began and those of you who are not from our great state most likely have no idea what that's like! :-) We all thought that hurricane #1 for this year had begun and the building would fall down! Thankfully, after about 20-30 min. the storm passed and we walked out of church to a lovely, bright sunny day!

We bought these beautiful tulips for our Easter table! We LOVE tulips! They don't grow well here because of the lack of a cold season so if you want to see them, this is the only way.

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S. Bittner said...

Pictures were great!

I remember a few Texas hurricanes we've been in - I was quite a bit younger, so I loved it, I'm afraid. =D

God bless!

Hannah B. said...

Can you post a video of your song? I would love to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Yes I would too! love the pics!
love and blessings
Hannah B.H.


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