Secret idea for your mom!

Wow, we stayed up way too late last night but now its a new day! Back to the tour of the emporium!

Here's what I wanted to tell you. There are many times that its fun to be with friends. From my many talks with you, I'd say most of you do not lack time with your friends! One thing that mom told us on the way home is that many times she considered how much fun it would be to have friends along and she thought of many friends she thought would enjoy seeing the flowers. But have you ever noticed that when you join another mom and her daughters that usually the moms talk together and the daughters talk together? Mom said she wanted to spend the whole day focused on us. Can't argue with that! :)
This gives me a great idea. Why not invite your mom out and just spend the whole day focused on her? Really talk. Share your heart. Listen, while she shares hers. Try it, you'll like it!
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