Precious Friendships in the Lord!

We had the great blessing of seeing some wonderful friends this week! We are so grateful to the Lord for giving us such precious and encouraging friends along this journey! Our time together was refreshing and inspiring! (K) on the left is the author of a beautiful blog and has written further details about our time together!
Thank you for your sweet friendship in the Lord K & H!


Mikaela said...

Oh the intricacies of blogspot. ;) I'm sure I left a comment a few days ago on an earlier post, but it never showed up. Anyways, I suppose that makes this my first comment on your blog, despite the fact that I've been following/reading for several months!
It was such a joy to meet both of you, Tara and Kelly, and I hope your close connection with Washington brings you back many more times. :-) Meanwhile, I will continue to read your blog.
May the Lord bless you both!


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