Special Easter Sunday Service

You'll be glad to know the dolls at our house had their own church service Easter Sunday! I believe this would be called a tent meeting!

The pastor is the one on the left in the red pants. I know he looks like he's sleeping but apparently he is all worn out from preaching a powerful sermon! :)
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Evann said...

Lol!!! How cute!

Anonymous said...

Positively precious and a wonderful example for the younger maidens that sit on momma's lap while she reads the posts....like my 7 yr. old "Tink" is doing. She asked me what the pics where about and now she is running to do it too! Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing these as it touched a work-in-progress maiden!
The Whitt family (Evann's mother)

Anonymous said...

It must be a VERY VERY VERY powerful sermon!!!! LOL!!!!!

Love and blessings,
Hannah B.H.


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