Praise the Lord!

We had a wonderful time in Washington and were able to help Kristen and Reuben move into their new temporary house. They are just living in a rental house until they find a larger house with more land than what they had before.

The move went really well! It was a ton of work! However, we had quite a few willing helpers that helped out and gave up their entire Saturday to come over and help with the move. Thanks to all of you who so selflessly gave up your time to help out my dear sister, Brother in law and last of all me (Kelly)! We couldn't have done it without each of you! May God's blessings be upon each of you for your help and kind service.
Serving Him, Kelly
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Haley said...

It sounds like y'all had a lot of fun! I love the pictures!


Best Life said...

Can we see some pictures of Kristin and Reuben and the girls? How about their new place? I'd love to see pictures of that too! Mrs. P~

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd love to see pics of there house!!!!

Love and bessings,
Hannah B. H.


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