Blessed Visit!

A few days ago we enjoyed a great blessing from the Lord. We were overjoyed when we heard the good news that some dear old (young) friends were coming to visit for the day! We have known most of these sisters since they were born.
We did stop talking long enough to get a picture together.

But then we resumed right where we left off!

Before they arrived we cooked up some food. Whoever made the salad sure likes tomatoes but I will admit they are really sweet this time of year.
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Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog on the Internet yesterday, and I wanted to tell you that I really am enjoying it!

Were you two ever on the cover of a "Hope Chest" magazine? You look familiar!

I was also wondering how you get your hair 'curly'. :) You are both so pretty!

Have a wonderful day!

In Christ, Tessa

Anonymous said...

Dear Tessa,
Yes, we were on the cover of hope chest magazine almost 10 years ago when our sweet little sister was born after 5 years of prayer for her!
More recently, we were on their website's opening page,but I don't know if they are still around. Kelly

...Rhonda said...

Hi girls,

Such a sweet sight, a room full of young ladies that love the Lord, honor their parents and have a heart for serving. So inspiring to those around you. The P's are a fun, wonderful family, and I'm sure you enjoyed your visit.
God Bless you girls, and thank you so much for sharing His work in your lives for us to witness.

Mrs. Poteet ~ Laredo, TX

...Rhonda said...

Hi Girls,

Can you email the recipe to the desert that Elizabeth is holding? It looks so yummy, and something that my Catherine would enjoy making for her family.

Mrs. Poteet


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