Can she bake a cherry pie?

I couldn't resist showing you a picture of the scrumptious gluten-free fresh cherry pie Tara made for my birthday. The crust tasted like Angel food cake.

Yet another gift?
I really like the denim skirt Tara found at And it fits!

Farewell to the birthday season! Here you see us broiling outdoors at 102 degrees. Don't even ask about the humidity!
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Happy Birthday (late)!
I have the same 'New Creations' skirt that Tara got for you. It is so comfortable, isn't it?
I also noticed that we have the same picture in our living room as you have above your fireplace....even the same matting! It is one of my favorite pictures. I got it at an antique store. I even use it for decorating at our Mother/Daughter teas.
Krista and I love your blog, Tara, Kelly and Elizabeth! Keep up the good work!
Cousin Cynthia Van Cleve


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