Curl Up!

Dear Friends in the Lord,

We have a serious matter to discuss today. So "curl up" in a cozy spot and let's talk girl to girl!

You would probably be surprised to hear how many of you have inquired as to how we take care of our curly hair! At first we thought a posting about this might seem a little bit frivolous on this blog, but since you sweet girls just keep asking and asking, we can see that you really must need some serious help in this area! Consequently, due to the seriousness of this matter, we are here to help however we can. :)

My sisters and I feel we may be overqualified to speak on this subject. All of us have heads full of curls (don't let the straight hair in the pictures fool you :) ) We also live in one of the hottest and most humid areas of the country. (Maybe even of the world, we're thinking today!) You dear girls in Washington, please don't even mention your humidity. HA! ( Sorry, I will try to keep focused.)

So... why don't you just "curl up" :-)...and I'll share some curly hair tips and some things you can do to gain control over your hair and make it easy to handle.

The first step is to wash your hair. Most curly girls have dry hair and will only need to wash it every 3 to 4 days. After towel drying, apply Suave Mousse. It is cheap and very affordable which is a good thing because you will need lots of it! :-)
The bottle is a greenish/turquoise color.
I use about 2 big handfuls, being sure to distribute it evenly. (Of course, your hair may not be as long as mine.)

Now I scrunch my hair.
Then I use a hair dryer with an attachment called a diffuser cap. It is an extension that pops onto the end of the hair dryer. (It is used to keep the hair from wildly blowing and therefore making it frizzy and large enough to fill the room!)

With the diffuser, I dry my hair on a low, (but hot) setting.
I dry sections at a time, scrunching as I go to define the curls.

I recommend spraying your hair after you dry it, with (Freeze It) hairspray, if you live in a humid area like we do or all your efforts may be undone the minute you walk out the door!
This hairspray comes in a shiny gold bottle and works great! :-)

These steps are not at all difficult and don't take much time. Before I figured these out I used to fight against my hair. I would try daily to iron out every kink! After it was damaged and breaking off, I finally decided to accept what the Lord had given to me and stop fighting against the curls! They are God's idea and really are just fine!

Over the years of experimenting and trying product after product, I have found that these few are really all that you need!

So clear out all of those expensive products, and head over to your good old local store and start enjoying the curls that the Lord has entrusted and blessed you with.

No more bad hair days when you go along with what your hair wants to do....curl!

I've read somewhere that most woman in the U.S. have curly hair, but just don't know what to do with it so therefore they straighten it out and avoid the curl.

Who knows, maybe you are a curly girl after all! :-)

Blessings, Kelly

Now, if you have any questions feel free to ask!


Lily said...

Thank you Kelly!!! Seeing pictures of your beautiful hair and learning just what you do gives me hope that I can get my hair under control!

I was wondering, how long does it usually take you to do the whole process (mousse, hair-dryer, hair-spray), and do you wash your hair (take a shower) every day?

Thank you for being such an encouragement and for sharing such needed advice!

Holly said...

Thank you so much for this post! I will put your advice to the test next time I wash my hair!

Holly :)

Kelly R. said...

My hair is very dry so I wash it about every 3 days and it takes about 45 minutes. If it lasts well, I don't have to do much to it on the off days. I hope your hair turns out great Lily! -Kelly

Abbie Burnett said...

Hello Kelly!
Thanks so much for this post!!

One you use shampoo on your hair when you wash it?


Charity Burnett said...

Thanks! That was great!
Would you mind posting some styling tips?!? And some pictures? Your hair looks GREAT!!!

Charity Faith

Kelly R. said...

Hello! I'm glad that you have enjoyed this post.
Yes, I do wash my hair with shampoo,
however, I do not use harsh shampoo.
I use JASON natural shampoo.
I have heard that curly girls are not supposed to use shampoo, however, I have found that I never really feel clean if I don't.
The key to not drying out your hair is, to just be careful to not wash it too often.

I am glad that these tips are helping! Sure, I would be happy to post some styling tips and pictures.
It might be a few days though.
But your request is right down my alley.

Blessings to you both,

~ Jenifer said...

Thanks so much for sharing these tips, Kelly!
I am a "curly girl" who is just recently learing to work with and manage my hair. :-) I was always unhappy with my hair, (I live in Brazil, where it is almost ALWAYS hot and humid!)but am daily learing to accept it and thank God for it. Your testimony here was such an encouragment to me!

My question is: how do you sleep with your hair at night? Mine always wakes up quite mussed, and the curls are gone.(THEN, talk about hair that would fill up the room!) I normally try to fan it out on the pillow and that helps some, but is there a special thing you do to prevent this? Or maybe, your curls are different than mine and you don't have that problem!

God bless you!
In Christ Alone,

Kelly said...

Hi Jenifer,
Thanks for the great question!
I have experienced the horrors of what curly hair can become like if slept on and matted around on the pillow all night. Personally, I have found that it works out the best if I sleep with my hair not underneath my neck...where it gets squished, but rather pulled up behind me as I lay down. This works for me, because I'm not a wild sleeper. May the Lord richly bless you and your dear family as you continue to serve Him and spread the light of Christ where He has led you in Brazil.
I am always excited to meet yet another curly girl!

Courtney said...

Hi Kelly!
I really enjoyed your tips for curly hair! I am finally figuring out after 18 years how to manage my hair. I live in AZ, which is VERY DRY, so the secret to my curls is LOADS of conditioner! I pile it on in the shower and don't rinse it out. This keeps my hair moisturized.
I have always had waves, but worked diligently to smash and comb them out. Only recently have I discovered that my hair really is curly if I care for it right!
I agree with Charity - I would love for you to post stying tips and photos!! I could use the help learning how to fix curly hair!


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