Encouraging Others!

During our last travels to Washington we had an amazing opportunity to spend some time with two very precious families. They were such an encouragement to us in the Lord. They wound up with all the pictures, so we thought you might enjoy seeing their post.

Let me tell you, these young ladies are experts at creating beautiful homemade encouraging gifts. We'd love to learn from them! We thought they had so many excellent ideas for encouraging others. Thank you girls for allowing the Lord to use you so richly. You can visit them at www.photosbykeilah.blogspot.com


Shelby said...

Those ladies were so sweet to make you those gifts! And it looked like you enjoyed receiving them. I love your blog, Tara, Kelly and Elizabeth. It's very encouraging. I went to one of your Maiden's Quest Ministries. I loved it! Thank you for your loving and encouraging spirits. You make me smile :).
In Christ's Love,

Juliana said...

Thanks for posting the link! Can't wait to look at the pictures!
God bless,

Juliana said...

Dear Tara and Kelly,
do either of you have an email address I could write you at? I wanted to ask the two of you a question. You can email me at barrelracer721@yahoo.com
Thanks soooo much. God bless,


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