My dress is just like the turquoise one that she wore for her courtship announcement. We wear the exact same size so sometime we might switch them out. (I have been known to shop in her closet and usually she doesn't mind.)

Sisters are such a blessing and I continue to treasure every moment that I am blessed to share with them, my dearest and closest friends!

Thank you Tara for all of your effort in making me a beautiful, feminine, modest dress! I absolutely LOVE it!
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Anonymous said...

How beautiful, Kelly! Happy Birthday!! :)

~Hannah D.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous!

By the way, I hope you don't mind my asking, but what kind of hair care products do you use on your hair? It looks great! I'm a curly girl too, and very curious :)

Cheryl said...

I love that dress!!! and happy birthday!!!
~Hannah B.H.

Yes, what a beautiful dress! I love the patterns of both your dress, Kelly, and Tara's dress too! When we see you next, we'll have to get the pattern numbers from y'all!
With love,

What a beautiful dress, Kelly! Tara is very talented!
In Christ's Love,

Evann said...

Cute dress! Happy birthday!


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