Our trip to Washington May 2009

Tara, Elizabeth and I (Kelly) love our nieces and consider ourselves the most blessed Aunties in the world!
What special memories!
We had a wonderful time in Washington and I must say that it is more and more becoming like home away from home to me!
Our sweet Rose Bud!
Blessings, Kelly


Anonymous said...

I love her dress!

So glad that y'all are back safe and had a good trip! Love the pictures you have posted - and can't wait to see more of your time in Washington!
With love,
Christa and Kate

Shelby said...

Your nieces are so beautiful and yes, you are blessed!

In Christ's Love,

Tara and Kelly , What a vision of Godly femininity you all are, i love the dress you have on tara , and I love that your parents have you all travel , what a blessing that you all have eachother!, Your blog is so inspiring ! love mrs sadler and clan hailey got a camera this winter , encouraged by you kelly last summer , she has quite an eye

Kelly R. said...

Hello Sadler ladies!
It was so nice to hear from you! I wish that we could see you all again!
It was such a blessing getting to know you and put on the Maiden's Quest retreat at your beautiful place in Virginia! I pray that our paths will cross again in the near future. I am glad that you liked Tara's dress. It was the dress that she wore for Easter. Oh!!! How exciting! I am so glad that Haily got a camera! I would love to see some of your work sometime!
Maybe you would like to email me some of your pictures? What kind of camera did you get? God bless you Haily as you enter into the wonderful world of photography...taking pictures for the glory and honor of God.


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