Summer shall not Cease! Genesis 8:22

I don't know about all of you, but we are in the middle of a very long, hot summer. Not only that, but also a drought. It has not rained here for well over a month while the temperatures have been around 100 degrees. (Yes, we know what you friends who moved to Montana are thinking, and also you friends of ours who are visiting those friends in Montana, but just remember the winters, OK? Same goes for you Washington folks also! Psalm 74:17b Thou hast made summer and winter.) We are blessed beyond all belief to have air conditioning, but we really can't stay cooped up in this house from now till October now can we, so we have had to find ways to deal with the heat! We thought you might like to see a practical idea that is really working well for us.

Walk into the kitchen and grab a watermelon! Get a huge sharp knife but be careful and don't cut your hand off (as your mom would say! :) ! Cut open that watermelon! If it is grainy or not so sweet, who cares? I promise it will all work out perfectly!

Don't waste that end. Just scoop it out!

Toss the chunks into your blender, filling to the top.
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Hi Kelly!

That watermelon drink looks absolutely delicious! We'll have to try that sometime because we all enjoy watermelon over here - especially Mom and I!

Thanks for the idea!
We love y'all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

That watermelon drink looks so good
I will have to try that out soon!!!

Thanks for the idea!


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