Thank you Stephen for making my birthday so special!

A special new friend bought me some really nice birthday gifts! I was so excited and everything that he picked out was just right! He wrapped them all so beautifully!

Stephen gave me a great make-up bag! But not only a make-up bag, a royal blue one!

He has impeccable taste! He also gave me a sparkly turquoise flower ponytail holder and a purse hook. It keeps your purse off the ground, so it won't get dirty. I've never had one.
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Holly said...

What great taste he has! Not only in gifts, but in wrapping paper too, they look so pretty:)

I saw purse hooks in a shop the other day too, and couldn't work out what they were at first! The saleswoman had to explain them to me!

Elizabeth J. said...

It looks as if the bag matches the dress. The color is just lovely.


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