Walk around the house and serve some to everyone! Now everyone, especially your mom :) will respond with big smiles and gratefulness! (This is speaking from experience!)
If you're having your picture taken, step into the heat and enjoy your drink. Delicious!
There's nothing quite like summer!

Enjoy your cold delicious drink as long as you can stand the heat, then rush back into the air conditioning and don't forget to clean up the kitchen!
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Dani said...

That's really cute! :) I enjoy all the pictures you post! I love your site, ladies! I have been enjoying it all! :) God bless you!
~Emily Hahner

Kelly, you look so darling with your hair pinned up!! I think I have only seen it like that once before. It really frames your face so well - adorable!! :) The drink sounds yummy - we'll have to try that soon!
Much Love,


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