We enjoyed our friends so much. True friends love at all times. Proverbs 17:17
Their beautiful mother enjoying a Seasons at Home magazine. We found this magazine at www.joyoushome.com/. It is a beautiful magazine and soooo inspiring. If only we had the time to do all the projects. While we are on the subject have you found The Girlhood Home Companion?
It is a fabulous magazine full of inspiring ideas. I believe we found it at www.remembrancepress.com/.
I suppose we talked a little long for their precious baby so he took a nap on Kelly's lap, giving us even more time to visit.

We laughed and cried (only kidding!) till they had to go. :(
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Best Life said...

Oh how funny...that last picture looks like she's crying when really she's showing you how she has to cover her right eye during the day.

And, by the way, where is the picture of YOUR beautiful mother that we took? It can't be too toad-like! LOL!

We had such a wonderful time. You girls are perfect hostesses and make everyone feel special. Bravo! (Elizabeth's dessert was divine!)

But you mostly bless us with your friendship and love for our family. Tara, your encouragement to our girls to be patient when waiting for your future husband and to pray for him has been the topic of conversation all week. Kelly, your joy for your sister's blessings was so refreshing. It was such a godly example of what real sisterhood should be.

Thanks to you all! Mrs. P~


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