We kept the food simple and easy to serve with some baked chicken, potatoes, salad, and gluten-free biscuits from our friends the B's special recipe (thanks B's!)
Oh joyful day! Much as we hate to see our little one grow up so quickly, she has reached the age where she can make a dessert almost on her own. The best part is, there is nothing she would rather do. Good job, Elizabeth, keep it up! By the way, she is wearing the new Edwardian apron we made for her. In fact, she hardly ever takes it off! We found the pattern at www.sensibility.com/.
Displaying her finished work. Oh please, don't drop it! :)

We even set the table the evening before so we would be less busy and could really enjoy our guests! Some of these little tricks we have learned from much experience. When guests come to your house it is good to be thinking "How can we minister to them?" We have also been taught that you should never spend your time constantly apologizing for a messy house. Do your best to clean it beforehand and then get your mind off of yourself.
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Anonymous said...

Random question...

do you and your sisters where skirts/dresses only?

Tara said...

Yes we do and we love and enjoy every minute of it! We'll try to post an article soon explaining all about it!


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