After we popped the bread into the oven, we looked over at the first batch of yeast and it had come to life after all! We did not want to waste that yeast so we looked through the gluten free cookbook to see what other trouble we could get into!
With no gluten, the dough is really strange but we persevered with great determination!
The centers are made with date sugar. I know they look strange but when you haven't eaten cinnamon rolls for years, these tasted absolutely terrific!

Success this time!
We hope you have had a wonderful day with the Lord and we'll see you tomorrow!
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Cheryl said...

Dear Kelly,

I am very curious to know what type of flour you girls are using to make your bread? Your loaves turned out beautifully!

Mrs. Cheryl Hollifield
Hannah's mommy

Kelly said...

Hello Mrs. Hollifield,
Thanks for the great question!
My sister Kristen came along this wonderful recipe. The flours that it calls for are:
Brown rice flour
Quinoa flour
Millet flour
Tapioca flour
Sweet rice flour
Xanthan gum
Flax seed meal

If you would like the recipe than just leave a comment with your email address. I will not post it, but I could send you the whole recipe. Have a very blessed day!

Best Life said...

Oh that bread is beautiful! I can almost smell it. Mrs. P~

Anonymous said...

Hi, could you send me the bread recipe ya'll made? It's looks delicious and I'd really love to try it for my family!
My email address is
~Anna Wilkens-Reed
p.s I love the site! It's been a real blessing1

EuroMom said...

Oh I would LOVE to have the recipe for the cinnamon rolls. My gluten free son would be thrilled! Would you be willing to send it to me?



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