Gardening without Water!

As promised, here are the pictures of our garden in the drought. As you can see, we are doing a desert theme this year. :) We probably should have planted a cactus!
One year we grew 100 cucumbers on this spot but with no water, even the weeds aren't growing. No mosquitos either. Always look on the bright side, right? What a blessing!
This is the kitchen garden right by the back door which obviously we have been watering. We have enough oregano for everyone and even some garlic chives.

Monday night, we had our first rain in two and a half months so maybe there is hope that our well won't run dry. If any of you have seen the 2nd Sarah, Plain and Tall movie, (I believe it's called Skylark) you know just how we feel. Have a wonderful summer!
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Good movie. :)

How hot has it been on average?

Kelly said...

Hey there Stephen!!!
Kind of lost touch with you for a while there! I hope that you are doing great and having a wonderful summer. Yes, it is a good movie! I would say that it has been an average of 100 degrees! We've all been sweltering just a little! :-)Lol!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks BAD with out water!!
I hope you all have some rain soon!!!!

You have lovely garden plots, Kelly, even without the plants in them!! I love the rocks all around them! We have garlic chives and oregano in our garden, and use them lots in our cooking! :)
Elizabeth's swimsuit is darling on her! :)
With love,


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