Here we are with Stephen's grandparents! How special to meet them! They have 47 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren (with one on the way) and all are following the Lord!
Stephen took me into his grandparents' barn and in this picture is demonstrating how to fly across the barn! :-)
Yes...believe it or not, here I am giving it a try! :-) SCARY!!!!!!!!!


Emily Hahner said...

We love the pictures!! That looked like a very special time! We laughed when we saw the pictures of you and Stephen flying across the barn! :) That was funny! :) We like all the pictures you put up and we love you SO very much!! Thank you for the encouragement you have been to us!

Dani, Amanda and Emily

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. What a wonderful blessing for you to be joining a family with such an awesome legacy, 47 grand kids, 25 great & all following the Lord, they will have a lot to pass on, spend lots of time with them:)


Paulina said...

I am so happy for you in your courtship! It must be a really special time for you two. Keep us updated!

Keilah said...

How wonderful Tara! Please keep posting. Courtship is not heard of much now a days, and I LOVE learning how you do it, and watching you in this beautiful time.

Smiles and prayers,


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