I woke up early this morning and spent and hour and a half with the Lord. It is amazing how much he had to teach me and how much I have to learn. In another post I may tell you all about it. We planned to sew most of the day, however, we tease that the character trait God has really taught our family thoroughly is flexibility. Today was yet another confirmation of that! Dad suddenly decided to work from the house all day and so everything changed.

However, in the afternoon we did pursue our sewing. It looks like a really simple project so we'll see. Mom says to always decide how long you think a project will take and then multiply by 3. Seeing as we are making 3 aprons that will probably be about right. :)

I switched to my mom's more fancy machine to do some decorative stitching. No one will probably ever be able to see it :), but the stitching looks like a vine.

We hope to finish this project tomorrow because I have another project I'd like to start! The ties are already made so we'll sew them and the waistband on. Then we'll hem the aprons and be done! The pattern also suggests sewing a button on the end of each tie, so we were fishing through the button jar and found some good possibilities. We'll show them to you tomorrow. Oh, and we forgot to show you Tara's apron, but it is looking really great.
Don't tell her!
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Holly said...

Hehehe here's hoping Tara isn't reading this blog, otherwise your surprise might come unglued! :P

Looking forward to seeing the finished products! :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of machines do ya'll have and your mom as well?

Very nice! Good job girls!

Kelly said...

Wow! Just checked this site and it looks really, really great! Where has it been all our lives?

Tara said...

Our machines are all Janome. They are suppose to be quality machines at a lower price. We've had them for many years and I must say we've never had any problems. One feature on moms machine is a knob that lets you control the speed. This is very helpful for Elizabeth so she can go slowly and more accurately.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question! I knew they looked familiar. My mom has two Janome embroidery machines (9000 and 350 E), but uses the 9000 for sewing as well as the embroidery. They really are top quality machines and we've not had any problems with ours either. I'm hoping to get one in the near future when I get a bit more proficient at sewing. For now, I am using a Singer that I bought at Walmart several years ago. What kind of Janome do ya'll use? Your sisters I mean. Your mom's looks like my mother's ones. I'd like a Janome that is more so for someone still new to sewing.

Kelly said...

Dear Anon,
It sounds like you love to sew.
TERRIFIC! Mom's machine is a 5700, Tara's is a 3000 and Elizabeth's is a Hello Kitty! The first two are well over 10 years old. I don't have my own because before my sister married, hers was here too and my grandmothers also (before it died).
I try to remember to get a picture of the machine my mom learned on.
Must go to sleep now!


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