Our amazing inspiring trip!

We were blessed this week to take an amazing trip with our relatives.

We knew it would be a fun trip, but didn't fully realize how inspiring it would also be.

It is always inspiring to visit a well run home, where the family is enjoying life and enjoying each other, where problems are handled with love and the family is a living testimony to the Lord's grace and faithfulness. This was such a home and we can all learn from them as we think about how our homes will be someday.

You always tell us how much you enjoy pictures and we have plenty of pictures this time!

I wish we could show you through the entire house but feel we need to allow them some privacy!

Here are some highlights!


Best Life said...

Wow! You make us sound much more interesting than we actually are! :)

It's funny how you wrote about learning from us and I wrote about learning from you. That's what good friends do. They help us grow to be more like Christ. It was a wonderful visit and we all enjoyed every second of it! Mrs. P~

Hannah said...

Wow! It looks like you had a lot of fun! What a precious family! [and awesome house! I have always wanted beds like that...=P] ~Hannah D.


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