Just a $15 blow up pool from Target, but lots of fun and a great way to cool off in the scorching heat wave.

Clean water too!
Happy 4th of July!

Her 2nd swimsuit from www.swimmodest.com! Decent for the backyard anyway. This is the part of the yard that get's watered. Someday soon we'll show you our miserable garden that's suffering from the drought.
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Anonymous said...

Very very very cute suite! We have the same ones but in the brown/pink floral!
I believe our friends the "V"'s attend your church...they just had their 8th child, a beautiful girl, Laylah! How wonderful to know they are worshiping with like-minded believers!!
The Whitts

My friend and I were just disusing modest swim wear the other day and thought of you all...we would love to know where you get your swim wear. We love your cute modest style and any hints you could give us in this area, it's a struggle to find attractive but modest swim wear. Thanks!!!

Best Life said...

Very fun to swim in the fancy pool! We've gotta do something to keep cool. I love the suit. My girls have had some of those in the past. They are darling. I love all of the patriotic decor. Mrs. P~


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