The Very Bright and Cheerful Quilt!

We are just thrilled to finally see some real progress on the quilt.
Now we just have to add the borders to make it queen sized.
The real fun began when we made it a group project!

Kristen pieced the lighthouse together so it would come out just right. This was a long term project and it is exciting to see it "coming together."
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It's VERY beautiful!! How exciting to have it almost done!! Great job on all of it! :)

We love you!
~Dani, Amanda and Emily

Keilah said...


~Shelby said...

It's beautiful! I love all the bright colors!

In Christ's Love,

Best Life said...

It does reflect her personality. Very cheerful! Mrs. P~

Anonymous said...

Turning out just amazing, I love the beach theme.


...Rhonda said...

Such a great job, and I like the idea of you all working together on it. Beautiful & Bright!
Mrs. Poteet


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