We bought an apron pattern and this fabric back when we made Elizabeth and her friend their ruffled summer skirts. There have been some very busy times since then and our project got stashed in the cupboard. Fortunately, we found it again.:) None of us could remember what went where, so we had to rethink it all. We're sure Kelly wanted the blue, right?
Next we washed the fabric and hung it out to dry. We have warned you before that if you neglect this step, you may be making an apron for your little sister or even her 18" doll! So, you've been warned. :)

Here's a better view of E's Edwardian apron. See, we told you
she never takes it off!!
Now Kristen says her girls each need one, so we have more work to do. Good thing we love to sew!!

Elizabeth hurries through her schoolwork so she can get sewing. We clean and do laundry all morning with the same goal in mind!
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Those aprons are very cute! And I love the material! Where did you get the patterns?


P.S. I love your blog! It is SO encouraging, and wonderful to see other young ladies who have the same vision as us!! :)

Tara said...

Dear girls, We found the patterns at marie-madeline studio.com/
Also check marie-madelinestudio.typepad.com/

Their clothes are so cheerful. Just what you need in the hot summer here!

Carissa Koehn said...

Hey Tera,
We have looked at the site you gave us and we can't find the Edwardian apron. HELP!
Carissa Koehn

Tara said...

The edwardian apron pattern is found at www.sensibility.com/ Thanks! Hope you enjoy making one!


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