Where can we Find Clothing?

Many of you have asked where we find our clothing. If only we could recommend a great clothing store that could be counted on to have nothing but modest, feminine clothing that would be glorifying to God. Wouldn't that be terrific?

Unfortunately, we haven't found it yet. So. what should we do? Well, one of the very best solutions we have found is to sew! You can make things you would never be able to buy in the store.

Now, here's the best part.The more you sew, the easier it gets. That's because every time you sew, you add to your experience. If you make a mistake once, you will never make it again, right? :)

Let's face it, most things you learn are difficult at first. Later on, those same things are just second nature and you don't even have to think about them. Remember how difficult it was to learn the multiplication tables? Well, you aren't still struggling with those, are you? :) (If you are, just keep practicing!)
Or, for those of you who drive, do you have to try really hard to remember which pedal is the brake and which is the gas?

It's the same with sewing. Yes, it takes time but it is time well spent. It is a very good investment! If you haven't learned to sew yet, 12 is a great age to start. If you are already beyond 12, never fear! Some of us were late bloomers also. :) No problem at all, you can still catch up.

One last word of advice (for now :) ) Resist the urge to be a perfectionist. Only God is perfect and He won't be happy if you outdo Him. (I'll research the scripture reference for that one later!) Just have a cheerful attitude (as always) and press onward!
So to encourage you in your sewing, why don't you come join us for our latest project?


Marianna said...

Sewing is so much fun! I always have lots of sewing projects going on at once, it seems. :) Your aprons look lovely so far!

However, there are a few companies out there who are striving to provide modest feminine clothing that glorifies the Lord! :) At least I can speak on behalf our's Bellissima Modesty Boutique (www.ModestyBoutiqueOnline.com). ;-)

Happy sewing!

Karen said...

Karen has left a new comment on your post "Where can we Find Clothing?":

If i knew how to sow I would do it, but I don't. :( So for me one of the most modest places I go to for skirts is Cato's. The have a ton of denim, ankle length, no slit skirts. for blouses you have to do some shopping around, but you can usually find some nice ones at wal-mart or Cato's (but most of Cato's blouses are a little low).


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