The Broken Mailbox

Something happened yesterday that I wanted to share with all of you. In fact, I thought about it all night, then first thing this morning I ran out to get a picture, the perfect object lesson for what I wanted to share. For at least two weeks now, we have been driving by a broken mailbox, one of those nice brick ones, only a few blocks from our home. Someone had run into it and the bricks were strewn all over the yard. I thought "When I tell this story, I will have the perfect picture to go along with it!" As I pulled up to get my shot there were 2 men standing in the yard next to the mailbox, just having cleaned it all up and having installed a new wood mailbox. Oh well! I guess this picture wasn't meant to be. Having missed my perfect shot, I took a few other pictures before heading home. When I stepped out of the car, my lens completely fogged over (something to do with the massive humidity) and so I just left the shot foggy. After a while the lens got acclimated!
Back to my story :). As we drove home yesterday, I commented to my mother (as we were passing the broken mailbox), "Do you think someone accidentally hit that mailbox, or do you think it was just some teenagers out making mischief?"
Her answer surprised me. She said, laughing, "I hope it was by accident. But why do we always assume it was young people? Why don't we think "I wonder if a group of 70 years old men did this? Or maybe a dad and mom with their 8 children in the van, out for mischief?"
We have been reading a lot in Proverbs lately because we are reading to Elizabeth. I can honestly say the Proverbs have never been so meaningful before. If you've read them before and been a little overwhelmed, try again. The Lord will reveal so much to you. So the answer was easy. God says that with age comes wisdom.
Could this be why God has given us our parents, grandparents and other older people? Because they have lived longer and have acquired more wisdom, God's intention is that we should listen to them. Proverbs 10:1 "A wise son makes a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother." I suppose this would apply to daughters also. :) Proverbs 10:8 "The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall." I could go on and on, but it would be far better for you to read the book of Proverbs yourself!

Posted by PicasaLater, we stopped by one of our favorite quilt shops to show my quilt to the owner, our precious friend Mrs. Godfrey. I don't think she would mind me telling you that she just celebrated her 90th birthday, and she has been such a blessing and a great encouragement to us. I wish all of you knew her! Would you believe we have been visiting her shop for the last 16, almost 17 years? She remembers when we came in as little girls, all excited to buy a few scraps for all our big dreams.

I'll just take this time to tell you thank you for all your sweet comments girls. You are an encouragement to us. However, we all know that all glory belongs to the Lord alone. He has done
EVERYTHING for us. In fact, in His goodness He even brought us to Himself. We did not deserve this. In fact, we deserve nothing but hell. It is only because of what He has done that we can now expect anything else. So do not ever put us on a pedestal. God will always allow us to disappoint you and that is as it should be, because He deserves all the Glory alone!
God bless you and bless your families this evening. Kelly
Proverbs 23:12" Apply thine heart unto instruction and thine ears to the words of knowledge."


Anonymous said...

Well let thank you humidity, the picture of the horse turned out lovely. Thank you also for those wise words from your mom & all your encouraging ones. I thank God for you & your sisters but not because your on a pedestal, for the work he's done through you. I am always greatly encouraged by your thoughts & the verses you post, as well as looking for wisdom from your parents for raising godly children. Thank you for being the encourager's that you are & for giving God the glory.


Keilah said...

Thank you Kelly!

Sharri said...

Loved the pic! NEAT!

But your post was so very wise and true. Thank you for posting it-it was a real blessing!


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