Courtship will be difficult if He hasn't been in charge of your life all along. But think about it, haven't you trusted Him already with your salvation?
(Eph. 2:8 For by grace are you saved through faith.)
He is the potter, we are the clay.
God's purpose for every step of our lives is that
we may know Christ in a greater way.

So courtship (if the Lord wills and allows) is just the next step in a life of faith!
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Melinda said...

Those are very cute pictures! you both look so cute in cowgirl clothes! :)

and those are very good truths, and they also apply to all of life not just courtship; they specifically apply to all major decisions in life. Thanks for the reminder! :)

A cowgirl and farm girl,

Keilah said...

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. I REALLY needed this today.


Kelly said...

Joseph also talked about, how all of this applies to future plans, ministry, finances and other areas of life. We only gave you part of his talk! :-)

Sharri said...

You two are adorable, and loved the lesson too!

Sweet Tara and Kelly,
I have read your blog for quite a long time now, but never commented. I don't think I knew how to! Ha! I am always so inspired and so encouraged about anything and everything you write! Kelly, I can still remember the exact day that you came up to me to introduce yourself to me at church the day we visited. I was so taken back by your countenance. You had such joy. I remember looking around wondering where your parents were. Surely they TOLD you to go introduce yourself to me! You see, my family came from the big church in town and were one step away from looking like the world. However, we did not want that for our kids. We wanted to teach them holiness. We wanted to keep them close and guard their eyes and their hearts. We had heard about NBBC for so long through family, but never felt moved to come visit until that day. You were the last person I had spoken to that day. After that, we piled our 4 kids (back then) into our car and I just bawled. I was so moved and so encouraged by young women like yourself who truly showed their desire to serve the Lord. At that moment, I realized what we had wanted for our children really did exist! So five years later we are slowly learning what that looks like for our family through a lot of growing in the Lord and from the encouragement from families like yours. Even though our family dynamics are very opposite than yours (mostly boys), we feel so encouraged by your blog and your fathers. Often when I am looking at yours, I sit little Abby next to me so she can see the pictures of the "pretty girls". She and I have lightly discussed on how we should take a field trip to the Ridell home! No, seriously.....can we make an appointment sometime? :)~ Sweet Abby is so surrounded by many protectors of womankind!
Thank you again for your desire to walk in the Lord. It never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Even with many changes that go on around us, the Lord's standards are still the same yesterday, today and forever. You all are such a beautiful example of that!

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