Edwardian Apron Pattern

We have some young ladies looking for the Edwardian apron pattern.

It is just beautiful and we're glad you are planning on making it! It can be found at

When you have it completed we would all be just thrilled to see a picture! Have a blessed day!


I made one of these aprons, and I think I can find a picture. Would you like me to add it? I would love to. Let me just warn any one who makes this one... it is a bit difficult to understand if you are used to the patterns from the store. But it was a LOT of fun to see the finished product. This is a home made pattern that had straight forward instructions and some of it I had to guess, but it turns out REALLY pretty! :) Let me know!

Carissa Koehn said...

Thanks Tera for the site for the apron. Could you also give me the pattern number for the dress that you gave Kelly for her birthday? It is such a nice dress and for course modest, which are hard to find. :)
Carissa Koehn

Tara and Kelly said...

Dear Dani,
Yes! We would love to see a picture of it!!! Have a blessed day!
Tara and Kelly

Shelby said...

Thank you for sharing the link! I've been wondering where you got those patterns from because I have tons of material and I wanted to make my three sisters some aprons.

I love your blog, Tara and Kelly!

In Christ's Love,

Kelly said...

Hello Carissa,
I am so sorry but we can't find the pattern right now. However, if we do find it, we will let you know.
Have a very blessed day!
Rejoicing in Him,


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