A Hot Summer Day!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day.
However, the scorching heat (ah, August) kept me indoors.
I didn't really plan to spend the entire day in the kitchen
but between meals and special baking it just worked out that way.
But what fun! I really wasn't all alone even if everyone ducked out of all the pictures.
Mom was just around the corner sewing a new maternity skirt for Kristen.
I decided to try my hand at real (normal?) cinnamon rolls.
Posted by PicasaReading the recipe first...yes, these are not pancakes.
We are free to continue.


What beautiful pictures here! I love looking at your blog, and it is such a blessing to me! I am very encouraged at all the things you do together, and just your example of godly womanhood. Thank you for sharing here, and for writing on your blog! I love it. The LORD has blessed me SO much by knowing you all. I love you Tara, Kelley and Elizabeth!
Love in Christ,

Tara, Kelly and Elizabeth said...

We love you too Dani!!!


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