A little adjusting...
And what do you know? It matches the colors in my room!
Now what will I do with my evenings without all that stitching?

Now maybe a cotton bed skirt someday and it will be complete.
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Juliana said...

Hello Kelly!
Your quilt is beautiful! I have been wanting to learn to quilt for a long time but can't seem to find the time. Is it hard?
God bless,
Juliana Moore

Your quilt is just beautiful. Just like your sweet spirit.

I truly enjoyed meeting your family yesterday.

in Him,
Grateful for Grace

BeckieK said...

Found your blog through Malia Notterman. The colors in your quilt are absolutely amazing!!! Looks like a watercolor!

Carissa Koehn said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Did you use a pattern or something, or did you make the pattern yourself? Where do you get your fabrics for all the sewing that you do?
The quilt looks great on your bed!
Carissa Koehn

Kelly said...

Hello Carissa,
Thank you very much!
I am very pleased with the finished product! The pattern is...

I like it like that!
Black cat creations.

You can look up the pattern if you put in...It's A Stitch in Humble.

I found my fabrics here and there, over a period of time.

Happy Sewing!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get those little baubles hanging over your window??

Kelly said...

Dear Anonymous, They were a gift but I know they came from Target! They light up and look great.


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