The Quilt!

Kristen gave me a wonderful birthday gift this year. It was the gift of helping me to finish quilting and bind off my quilt. When the final stitches were in and we had cut off all the loose threads, we carried it up to my room for the grand unveiling. On my bed was a little gift from Tara, a lip gloss from a company called Sister to Sister. Quite a surprise!
Making a quilt might be a great way to develop perseverance.
Plus, you have a great reward at the end!
Let's toss it onto the bed!
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Carissa Koehn said...

Dear Kelly,
So how did you make the quilt. Did you use a pattern? It is a very pretty design. You did a GREAT job. And it looks great on your bed!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I love the colors! Great job!


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