We have been recently reminded of the blessing of air conditioning.
Ours was just repaired and is now working better than ever
which is a good thing since I was sure heating up the kitchen.
It was worth a hot kitchen. They look promising.
A little icing on top is the crowning touch.
Posted by PicasaMy dear very special friend St. was warned not to look at this post, especially when hungry.
So if you are reading this St., it is entirely your own fault! A special note to the
rest of you. Summer is winding down. You have just a little more time left to
do something or bake something special for your family this summer. Why not make your plans and bless them!
Also, yesterday I put the final stitch into a very special project I have
been working on. I want to express my gratefulness to all who helpedand encouraged me, especially my very special sister Kristen.I will try to get a picture today and post it soon.

Spend some very special time with the Lord today.
Even Jesus set aside some special time to be with His Father.


Victoria said...

These look very good! What recipe did you use for the frosting?

Hello Tara and Kelly!

We have been out of town for the past month, but just got back and have so enjoyed catching up with your life on the blog!! How fun that Kristen and her little ones can be in town with y'all! Tara, it looks like you had a wonderful trip to Washington - how fun to see pics of Stephen's family!

Your quilt is hands down gorgeous!! :) Wow! I am almost done with the little quilt I started this summer, so you are inspiration to me! :) And Kelly the dress you sewed is absolutely lovely too -I would love to have the pattern number if you get a chance, as we are taking sewing lessons now and want to start making our first dress soon!
Hugs to Elizabeth and your parents!
With love,

Those look wonderful! Are you, Tara, able to eat them either? :)
Great job on your blog! It is so encouraging to read all your updates! I love your blog!

Love to you all!


Best Life said...

Yummo! How nice of you to make those for the rest of the family. Mrs. P~

Kelly said...

Hello Victoria!
I used Confectioners icing.
Here is the recipe:

Add light cream to 2 cups sifted confectioners sugar for spreading consistency. Add dash of salt and 1 teaspoon vanilla.

I just added the amount of each that I thought.

I hope you like it!!!

Kelly said...

Hi Kate!
It was so good to hear from you! I am so glad to that you are safely back home! I am so thrilled that you are taking sewing lessons! How fun! Sewing is one of those skills that you will always use and is so very helpful to know how to do. Keep up the excellent work!:-)
I am glad that you liked the dress and yes I would love to give you the pattern number.
It is...
Simplicity 2882
I made E
It is the long one with the round neck.
I raised the neckline too.
Happy sewing!
Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

We are actually were going apple picking. And maybe we can make something.:)

Love & Blessings,
Hannah B.H. age 11


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