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We made it through August for another year! Those of you who are not from the deep south may not understand this one, but trust me we have reason to rejoice! The temperature is already much better. We decided to decorate for fall early this year.
We are hosting a bridal shower at our house in a couple of weeks and the theme for the shower will be fall, as in "falling in love."
We were also highly motivated by another reason that we will let you know soon.
Putting on the finishing touches.
We also pulled out the fall placemats and then made a salad to match!
Actually we were making the salad anyway. :)

Kelly had an amazing witnessing opportunity recently so I'll tell you about that soon.
Psalm 33:18 "Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy."


Mikaela said...

Oh remind me of the stores that have their Thanksgiving merchandise out already! With that said, though, fall does sound pretty good; I might just have to get out our autumn decorations too. ;-)

Keilah said...

Oh boy! I can't wait to hear about Kelly's special witnessing opportunity and the reason you were motivated to decorate early. Thank you for posting! I love fall, and I keep feeling the special fall feeling coming over me! Thanks for helping with that. :cD

Tara, I remember you saying that your room has a palm tree theme. I have been very curious so to what a Palm Tree Room might look like, do you think you could post some pictures?


Kelly said...

Mikaela, :) As we said, motivation is everything. We'll tell you more about the motivation soon. Let's just say we're not usually quite so motivated. :) Kelly

Tara said...

Well Keilah, it looks like now I am going to be highly motivated to clean up my room for a picture! Actually, this week my room is 'practically perfect in every way' due to the other motivating force! So I'll get that picture quickly.
Bless you, Tara

Paulina said...

I love your "Fall-ing in Love" theme! It's too cute!

I'm also so thankful that the weather has taken on a more pleasant turn lately. I also live in Texas so I can relate!

Best Life said...

We just put away the summer decorations too. I thought getting out the fall decor would make me feel like it's even cooler than it really is. Happy Fall-ing in love! Mrs. P~

Tara said...

Dearest Mrs. P,
That is our strategy exactly and it seems to be working! God bless you!

Lovely decorations! Can't wait to hear about Kelly's witnessing opportunity! :) And BTW - Kelly I love your top - very cute! :)

I love how you all decorate! It's beautiful! I wish I had your decorating skills! :) I can't believe it's September already...

I am excited to hear about your motivation... :)

Have a lovely day, friends! Love you all!


P.S. Tara, would you mind sending me the pictures of your room too? I'd love to see it!


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