Broken Cords Concert

Over this past weekend we had the great joy and privilege of being involved
with the Broken Cords Concert. This amazing concert was put
by three concerned teens, our friends, Stephen, Melanie and Dianna Muldrow.
We hope it raised a lot of money. The profits will be used to fight human trafficking.
Elizabeth came along with us, of course!

Dad, going over some last minute details with Mrs. Muldrow.

Exploring backstage with Sara (another curly girl!) before the concert.
Tara had the great joy and privilege of playing the piano in the lobby for 40 minutes. You can add this to the list of experiences she never thought possible. Thank you Lord!
Dad was the emcee for the concert!
No, he didn't really speak to an empty auditorium. It's just that we weren't sure they would appreciate us running out on stage to get a really great shot! We heard there were over 1000 in attendance.
The music was so beautiful, there are no words to describe it.
The nine year olds on our row thought the songs were a bit long, but
I assure you they weren't. Just a taste of heaven.
Enjoying every single moment!
May the Lord bless and keep all of you until we meet again.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing opportunity! I wish I could have been there. Thank you for posting. Wendy

Mikaela said...

How exciting! I heard about this concert on the Rebelution blog. Did you perform in the concert?

Tara said...

Now that would have been really amazing! No, I'm afraid I was just a beginner compared to these musicians
but I sure would have enjoyed playing a few hymns!

Wow, looks wonderful! I heard about this concert from the Rebsch's and would have loved to be there! :) All three of you look beautiful! :)

Best Life said...

Oh how I wish we could have been there! Mrs. P~

wow! That sounds really neat! You know the last picture on this post... wow Tara! :D Who took the picture? Pretty amazing! :) It sounds like a ton of fun! God bless you!


Tara said...

Kelly took the picture. She was hanging over the balcony!


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