A Busy and Productive Week

Good Morning! We hope all of you are having a busy and productive week!
We certainly are. In fact, we have found ourselves to be too busy to live it and blog about it at the same time!

On my (Tara's) birthday morning we received a call from Kristen and Reuben. They were in the hospital following a serious car accident. They were driving home from a wonderful conference with Dr. Jerry Benjamin (in case you don't know him, he was raised a practicing Jew and came to Christ. He has a very dynamic message, leading you straight to the Savior.) Anyway, they were hit by a woman who ran a light. The little girls in the back car seats were shaken up but unhurt.
The van was totaled but everyone is doing well except for the bruises. Kristen was especially bruised on her very swollen midsection and said it is so bad she is tempted to get us a picture.
She hasn't done this yet though. She probably has serious concerns that we might post it on the blog! :) We will never get over our gratefulness to the Lord for their safety (including the baby.)
Reuben said it really reminded him how fragile life is.

One thing we've been meaning to bring up! Some of you like to ask us a personal question and we are happy to answer when we can. But many of you don't realize that we may have no way to get back to you! If we don't know you, we probably don't know your email address! :) So just keep this in mind. And always have your parents permission and blessing.

If you would like to know a little more about Katrina and Katelin, you can find them at www.livingforjesus85.blogspot.com/ One interesting part of the shower that we didn't cover was the fact that everyone brought food items that Katelin will not be able to find in Ukraine. You can see a picture of those. She will
ship them over so she can cook up some familiar dishes. Also, she sure seems to like that scarecrow an awful lot!!! :) That picture wasn't in our set. Hmm. Scrolling on down, you can see a picture of Katrina's recent trip to Haiti.
Be sure and hit " older posts" to see the rest of the pictures and you don't want to miss Katrina's new hairdo! We aren't sure you'd want to copy this with curly hair as it might be permanent! Then again it could control the frizz...well, copy at your own risk. :)

Have a wonderful week, growing to love the Lord more and more.


Hello Ladies!

Praise God that Kristen and her family were not hurt! Praise Him! He is good! Wow!

We will keep you all in our prayers!!


Praise the Lord Rueben and Kristen and the girls are okay!
Thank you for the encouragement at the end of your post! It is always wonderful to hear from you all!

Sarah Beth said...

Hi there! My name is Sarah Earnhart... Katrina came to visit my family in Peru for a few months a looooooooong time ago. : )

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for all the pics of Katelin's bridal shower! We're so bummed that we won't be in the States for her wedding! : (

Thanks again!

Smiling for Jesus,

Sarah Beth

Best Life said...

What a wonderful Lord we have. Praise Him that Kristin and Reuben and their children are all well. Mrs. P~

Keilah said...

I have been praying for them!

And when was your birthday? I thought it was in December! Silly me. :cD

Miss you,

allhisgirl said...

Praise the Lord nobody was seriously injured! I'll be praying for speedy and complete recovery for all of them!

~ Leah

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have had a very long week. Glad to hear no one was injured.


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