Learning to Trust Him!

Daughters of Vision,
I have learned a lot about trusting the Lord!
This was a short while ago but I will tell you what I remember!

Here the story begins:
Recently, Kelly and I went on errands. We went to Hubble and Hudson and then to Wal-Mart and then to the mall to get a pillow at Pottery Barn and while we were there, we stopped by the food court because it was a little past 12:00 and we where hungry and we still had a few more things to do. On our way in, I spied someone passing out samples so I asked Kelly if I could have one and she agreed that I could, so I went over to get my taste and when I came up to the stand, there on the plate were cinnamon rolls with icing that looked so good. I took one and said my thanks to the lady and took a bite. "Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh how the icing melts in my mouth" I said to Kelly and so we went up the escalator and when we got off we saw the food court. Then Kelly said "What do you want?" She knew just what I wanted and so did I. I wanted Chick-fil-A, my favorite. Then, carrying our lunch, we picked a table by the carousel!

We sat down by the window and talked! I love our talks. Well, I have a special purse that is from our vacation. It has pink flowers and white filling around the pink flowers! I set my purse on the floor not thinking about that there might be a chance that I could lose it! We talked and talked and soon Kelly said we had better leave for home! We threw out our trash and left! We were talking while we walked out the same door we had come in! I saw the same girl that had given me that delicious sample a few hours before. I was tempted to go ask for another one but I knew I should not!

We got in the car and drove home singing and laughing and talking!!!! We played made up games like what is the opposite of rain! We pulled in the garage and parked! "Where is my purse? Maybe it is up front", I said. I looked up front but it was not there! I was starting to panic "where is my purse?????" Then it dawned on me "Kelly, I left my purse at the mall. Oh no, oh no!" I ran inside to tell my mother and ask her what to do!
"You will have to go back," she said. So in the car went Kelly and I back down the long road and over the railroad again! The whole entire time I was praying "Dear God, if this be your will, PLEASE, PLEASE help me find my purse! I trust you either way Lord, Amen." That prayer went over and over in my head! It seemed like we would never get there. We ran across the parking area and in to the food court, then to the place where we had been sitting. There was a woman and a man and their 2 young girls. We asked them "Did you see a pink purse?" They answered, "No, we are sorry but we came here and there was not a pink purse here when we came." Then we thought Chick-fil-A might know where it was, so we went and asked them but they replyed with the same answer "NO, we do not know." Kelly asked if there was a lost and found. There was! There was a security man in front of the counter who said "Can I help you?" "Yes, My sister has lost her purse. Do you know if you have it?" Kelly asked hopefully. "What does it look like? I don't think we have it." Suddenly the man behind the counter held up my purse, "Is this it?" he asked "Yes, yes, that is it! Thank you, thank you so much!" We walked out and were soon on our way home!

In the parking lot Kelly said "Oh, isn't God good? He even cares about the little things! That purse is probably so small to God but he still cares about you and everything in this world!"
I said "I know! How grateful we are to him! Thank you, thank you Lord God Almighty!"

Girls, I might be only almost 10 but even if you are young, God cares about your young life! Also, I would encourage your little sisters to read "Appleseeds." It is a Bible study for young girls! I have had a hard time reading the Bible sometimes because I can't understand what it is saying! Appleseeds has been helping me to understand. But of course, keep reading your Bible and pray that God will help you.

I wanted to share this story to help you to know that anything is possible with God. Anything!
He could even have chosen for me to lose the purse and it would still be His choice. He knows what is best.

I love you and God loves you too!

Love one of the sisters of this blog,
Elizabeth Joy


Keilah said...

Wow Elizabeth. Praise God! I left my purse at a restraunt a couple of years ago too, but got $50 stolen from it! I am so glad your story turned out better than mine.


Elizabeth said...

A thief would have been disappointed in mine. Not much money. I'm sorry about yours though Keilah.

Thank you for sharing your story, Elizabeth!

Praise the Lord for showing you that He is concerned about every detail of your life!!

What an answer to prayer that you were able to get it back.
Rhonda Poteet

Elizabeth said...

God is a good Lord.
He cares about the littlest things.
I thank you all for your sweet comments.

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! I love hearing stories of God's power and care even in the small things!

Best Life said...

Wow! I had no idea when I saw you that you had such an exciting day! I am so glad you found it. What a blessing! Mrs. P~

Hi Elizabeth! Wow! I'm sure glad you were able to find your purse! God is so good!
By the way, thank you for the present you sent us!
Much Love,


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